DJ Minxi

DJ Minxi dj’s at Revolutions Radio, as well as DJin’ at other radio networks such as USA Radio & Southbay Radio, bringing you the very best Hodge Podge Melodies of Rock & Roll along with a lil’ bit of everything else.

Now on Wednesday Nights from 9 PM EST to 1 AM EST with her “Musical MaDDNess” Ride!!!

Also DON’T miss out on her occasional impromptu shows that will make you shake YOUR booTaY!!! This is where anything & everything can and usually ALWAYS HAPPENS!!! … Meow!!!


Spinnin’ the inane & insane, noxious & obnoxious mixes of classic 70’s rock, R&B, soul, disco and much much more live from Tokyo Japan! On Hiatus!

DJ Dancing Girl

Bringing the eclectic music set along with her love & inspiration for all to hear, feel & SEE … ALL BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!!

Dancing Girl is Live from Sin City every Monday NiTe at 9 PM EST with her Vegan & Guten-Free, Weight Loss & Diabetic Friendly Show called Spilling the Beans along with her occasional impromptu shows to surprise and delight her fans!!!

So don’t forget to check out her Facebook or YouTube page to learn MORE about healthy living and how to enjoy a happier lifestyle!!!

DR. Rock

Bringing YOU true variety music the way LIVE FM RADIO was MEANT to be played and listened to because when the Doctor is IN … EVERYTHING … is good to gooooooooooo!!!

The Doctor is IN on Friday NiTes from 11 PM EST untiL 7 AM EST!!! And the Doctor returns on Saturday afternoon from 1 PM EST until 7 AM EST Sunday morning!!! So come on down and let the Doctor prescribe the medicine you need right HERE on The FDGN & R LiVe!!! ‚ÄčAlso catch the Doctor over @ / Remember Then Radio … with the soundtrack of OUR LIVES!

Finally don’t forget that if you have a song and want it played on The FDGN&R LiVe submit it to us to make sure it gets due consideration!:

DJ sWeXxXaH aTTacKaH

Playing the very best of Hip Hop, Dance, Pop music AND MORE from the 80’s & 90’s, RAW & UNadulterated, for your listening pleasuuuuERs!!!

When DJ sWeXxXaH aTTacKaH is in DaH HouSaH everyone is always moViNNs & gRoooooViNNs their aRSSaRs!!!

So catch sWeXxXaH LIVE from Germany on Sundays from 4 – 6 PM EST and please check our Facebook page to see when he’s spiNNiN’ those plaTTeRs impromptu style!!!